Blue Flower

Parking meetings and special events
Upon request, the campus security department will make arrangements for the special parking permits and / or meetings,

research institutions, short courses, and special sporting events or other. Stop function of these organizations can be arranged through rental facilities (626)914-8838.

World tourists participate regularly scheduled events are not, but the sponsor of the campus, they will have to buy a daily parking pass $ 5.00, both in campus security building, located in Citrus Avenue entrance, or automatic payment station S1, S2 , S3, S4, S5, S6, S8 and S9 parking.

In order to ensure the necessary permits and parking space, it requires that the number of necessary permits and date should be sent to the campus security office at least 10 days in advance.

Parking contractors and consultants
Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the contractor doing work on campus parking spaces must be arranged in advance. Consultants are not wages college, doing the work of various departments on campus, parking permit can be issued.

License type
All vehicles must display a valid parking permit parking Citrus College, unless stopped in space measurements. Personal notes left in the vehicle described in the campus parking lot reasons privately own car park or parking in an unauthorized manner and does not constitute a license park; these vehicles will be cited accordingly. All parking permits are only issued by the security authorities on campus and are not transferable to other people.

There is no guarantee in the campus parking staff and students. All parking is subject to an adequate supply.

Student ID
Student card is valid for all lots of students in general. The parking permit does not guarantee the student's parking space holders.

Allow employees
Staff parking permit all staff and many students effectively. Allow part-time employees only valid in a lot of students.