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Thank you for considering the LACC. Our campus is home to more than 10,000 students, we believe that you will find in all of their areas. LACC is dedicated to helping you achieve your educational goals.

We are accepting applications the following terms:

Winter 2015 (application is available October 6, 2014) the commencement of conciliation ended January 5 February 15, 2015

2015 Spring (application is available October 6, 2014) Commencement February 23 ended June 14, 2015

2015 summer (application is available October 6, 2014) began to intercede June 22 ended August 2, 2015)

Fall 2015 (application is available October 6, 2014) semester begins on August 24 ended December 13, 2015)

When you complete the application, you will find it very helpful to provide the following items:

Your Social Security Number
All high school and college name and the date (MM / YY) attend
Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)
A valid e-mail address, you frequently check
It is you, you can fill out an application, as accurate and complete key. Errors or omissions that may delay processing your application.

NOTE: In order to avoid delays in your application, do not use special characters, English letters throughout the application.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation containing a very important mountain. LACC admissions-related information. This message will be sent to the e-mail address, your CCCApply registered to offer. Please check your e-mail regularly.

Once you have been assigned the mountain. LACC identification number, you can access the latest information in the mountains on your registration status.